Monday, 3 August 2009

365 #215

Books. How do you read yours?

In my case either quickly or I take forever... This is my current read, and has been for a couple of months. I get tired, or distracted by other things and they end up sitting on my bedside table looking longingly at me, waiting to be pick up and enjoyed. It's not even the case that I don't enjoy reading this one, Tall Stories, (an omnibus edition containing "Expecting someone taller" & "Ye Gods!") by Tom Holt. I love it and it is has become part of my light therapy. Each morning I now spend my twenty minute light therapy session reading. I'm finding it a nice way to start the day. Oh - and for those of you interested - yep, it's working already. I no longer feel ready to crawl into bed during the day.


Joy said...

I love a good book. I have a nice pile ready for my hols. next week.

Darcy said...

I have a ton of books just waiting to be read, including some Tom Holt....just need to find the time.

Carmen said...

I'm the same. I either zip through them or I'm aaaages. I'm plodding through one at the mo. Not because I'm enjoying it. It's The Ressurectionist - one that I wanted to read for ages and it's been such a dissapointment but I refuse to let it beat me.