Saturday, 29 August 2009

365 #241

This morning I had some time to myself and popped into York to sort a few things out. Whilst there I paid a visit to Duttons for Buttons. I've never been able to go in on my own and have a proper look through all the boxes, but today I did and spent about twenty-five minutes having a mooch. It appears I have expensive tastes even when it comes to buttons. I think I'll be back there another day.


emmatunnell said...

i have just come back from our hols to york and the coast so a trip to duttons was inevitable. i think that i would like my ashes put in one of their little button drawers when i snuff it. i bought a bag and have sewn some buttons on too. buttonlicious. haberdashery rocks.

deb said...

That sounds like a great place to visit and I love your little collection of buttons. Did you spend much in Lakeland as well???