Thursday, 4 March 2010

Oh sooo tired

I went to bed last night feeling like pooh and have woken up this morning with a stiff neck courtesy of swollen glands. I now have hot eyes and a runny nose. It's beyond funny, I've only just got rid of the last "cold" which lasted the best part of six weeks.
I'm weak, and this confirms it.

Onwards and upwards eh.

On Saturday I'm teaching a class and between you and me, I'm a tad nervous. I have 10 ladies making a BIA 4x4 mini book, all of them new to the world of mini books (I know - imagine that!) so that also means they have never had a go with a BIA either. I gave a mini book demo - well, lecture really, last month with lots of question and laughter along the way. The crop organiser came back and asked if I would put a kit together and teach a class. I feel very honored to have been asked. I must have done something right!

I already have everything packed and ready to go. I've chosen the lovely 7Gypsies Notting Hill papers for them to use. I do hope they like them. Fingers crossed my BIA will come back in one piece and nobody will lose any fingers along the way (there are a couple of care in the community amongst them...LOL). Either way I'm sure there will be just as many laughs as last month.
That's my in progress version in the middle. Not the wire it will have on it as I'm recycling one I used to demonstrate how the BIA works.

I've also decided that today is as good as any day to start my "Week in the Life" project of Ali E fame. I was sat flicking through my copy of Life Artist last night and thought - why not, what are you waiting for? It's not as if life is going to change much and it is all about recording the day to day things. I've taken a couple of photo's so far for today and my diary will serve to take notes. Then all I need to do is get an album sorted out, a scrummy AC one with lots of those new page protectors they do to hold photo's in.

While I'm sitting here uploading images and typing away, Rosie is downstairs watching her latest obsession. That is her obsession for today, to which she was introduced by Chris last night. Danger Mouse! Love it, after all he's fantastic, he's amazing, where ever there is danger he'll be there......

Got the theme running through your head now...LOL. I have.


Angie said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have that beastly cold virus thingy ...I had it for about the same time as you and it relly wares you down ...I hope I dont get it again ....I feel for you having to keep going for the kids xx

Sandra said...

I do hope you feel better soon, but well done on being "super teacher" LOL.