Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Where to start...

It's only Wednesday but this week seems to be flying by and I've had lots of fun as well which has led to one abandoned blog... sorry about that.

I just wanted to share a couple of things with you that are getting me excited. Firstly a question though. If you're on a stash diet do you just apply that to pretty paper, or to all things crafty? I'm finding it hard not buying stuff, especially when I keep bumping into Steph over at Indigo Mill on Facebook and she keeps telling me about the new stock she has coming in. You're not being fair lady!

Talking of Indigo Mill though, have you seen some of the goodies that are on the way. Pretty, but not paper (fits in with a stash diet nicely I think), and oh how I want these.... Gillian Gladrag felt making kits....swoon.

I know Rosie would love this Ickle Pickle bag.

Now I don't have a tea cosy, I don't have need for one, but I lurve this one. I may even buy a teapot for it...LOL.

Just because I want to have a go. Another hobby on the cards? I think we need a bigger house.

Bunting... well, we are at the point of Rosie's room needing to be redecorated. She is three soon and needs a more "grown up" room. I think this would look super cute along her wall.

The other thing I am excited about is; Rebekah Brumby is holding a birthday {blog} bash which starts on Friday 19th March. She has a huge list of designers involved and there will be prizes along the way. Check out her blog to get the details and join in the fun!

Now I must dash. The geocaching bug has caught me and there is a GPS with my name on it that needs to be ordered and something for another hobby of mine that needs to be ordered, this time for my jewellery making, that and a box of goodies Steph sent me the other day that keep winking at me. Now all I need is peace, quiet, time and an extension!
I'll be back to share some crafty stuff soon!


Sian said...

That bunting is very, very tempting..

Angie said...

A stash ban should be a total ban ...except for things that cannot be replaces by anything else adhesives. Ofcourse that does not apply to birthday money or a mothers day pressy lol Yep Bunting is tempting but it can ignore it ....just.

Carmen said...

I do my main shopping at the 2 Ally Pally shows. One in April and one in September though I am giving the September one a miss and doing the stitch one in October instead this year. OH is happy to put £1 a day away in a pot for me so long as I am on a total ban inbetween shows. This means no stash, papers, embellies, ribbons or whatever at ALL unless it can be won, traded, or got for free in some way. (Freecycle is fantastic for this.) The only exception is adhesives. OR say I sell something on eBay and then have some pennies in Paypal - I can use THAT but not go over that money. It certainly makes for some creative shopping and I do really enjoy it. I also feel like when I do spend it is a huge treat. Plus coming up to April I am now running very low on embellies but won a lot of pp in a blog candy earlier in the year. So I know at Ally Pally in April I can splurge on embellies and (try to) resist the paper.

As for the tea cosy... hat? I reckon you could pull it off *g*