Monday, 26 April 2010

A beautiful day….

Another layout for my Book Of Me, this one has been held back as it was created using SBK’s Beautiful Day kit which is now available.

SBKSpringBloom Full

This is me when I was three, off on a country walk, jam sandwich in hand and grazed knee on display.  It serves a reminder that kids used to, shock gasp horror – play outside!  Nooooo…. yeah.  You remember it too! LOL.


The websters pages journaling cards made great butterflies but I think i am in danger of having a butterfly obsession.  I even have a butterfly notepad from Paperchase on my desk now  *shakes head* 


There are more details and a how to on the SBK site if you want to have a crack at the LO.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah xx said...

What a cutie!! Love the added jam sandwich too! :)
I am sure most scrappers believe that you can never have too many butterflies - except me co's they don't really look good with ratty LO's?? xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Love it..butterfly, cute girly pic, jam sammich for emergencies, oh yeah baby!