Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Money diversions…..

I had my name down on the list to attend GoGo Getaway in March 2011.  I know that that sounds a long way off, but in GoGo terms it isn’t.  Last week however I changed my mind and gave up my place, which has now gone to the fabulous Yvonne who is in my current circle journal.  So, funds are being diverted to other things now which I am really excited about.

If you are a regular on my blog, you’ll know that I have a love for jewellery and have recently gone back to making some again.  It’s only been simple beaded items, but I want to expand on that.    And here is the first element of extending that to making my own silver jewellery! 


I wanted some chunky beads to go with some some beautiful lampwork beads I have yet to do anything with.  I have searched lots of bead suppliers trying to find something that is “just right” but so far have drawn a blank, which  led me to making my own.  These two are my first attempt.  Lets call them an experiment…LOL.  I certainly need more practice and now have a place booked on a course to help me with realising this goal.   The course isn’t until next month but if it goes OK I’ll share my creations from it with you.

More money diversion goes to Art from the Heart.  After attending a Fabby Dabby Weekend in January, which led to me having a stab at making my own art journal, I’ve booked on to one of Dyan’s Beginners Art Journal weekends in July.  I am soooo excited about that I can’t tell you just how much, I simply don’t have the words. 

Right, after all that waffle I’m off to read some mags, get a hot drink and ignore the housework.  I have the lurgy starting again.  At this rate 2010 is my Year of the Cold. Sheesh.


voodoo vixen said...

Your beads look divine to me!! Will be looking forward to seeing what you create with them. Sorry about the lurgy again... hopefully spring will purge you of all germs and you will feel great soon!

Sandra said...

Well done you :) .. go for it, I say. Hope you feel better soon.