Saturday, 3 April 2010

Don't tell anyone….

but I've been sneaking in some crafty time and some crafty shopping! There are a bucket load of goodies winging their way to me, breaking my stash diet, but ho-hum, I'm sure I'll get over it. Oh look, I'm over it...LOL.

So, what have I treated myself to.... firstly some Maya Road chipboard goodies.

Birds with cages. I first used some of these at GoGoGetaway last October and loved them. I just think Maya Road chipboard is fabulous and no craft drawer/box/wardrobe should be without some. But hey, that’s just me.


And some mini houses......



...and last but not least a keychain set. I saw a version of this recently although I forget where and loved it. I feel a photo shoot with the kids coming for this one. If it stops raining that is!


Then there is just a little bit of October Afternoon. Fly A Kite and Thrift Shop. Greedy I know, but I just love the muted tones that OA papers come in. I find them so useable, that is after a lot of stroking and ooohhing and ahhhing. We really are an odd bunch aren't we?!


Enough of my stash shopping for now so I'll end with a very sneak peek of a new layout I've been working on for an upcoming kit from SBK. So sneaky even Erica and Szilvia haven't seen it yet, but I couldn't resist.


Have a Happy Easter whatever you're up to and thanks for stopping by!


Sarah xx said...

Fabby looking stash Vicki - not jealous at all!! xx

Sandra said...

LOL ... your secret is safe with me LOL. Fabby stash you have there. Happy Easter

Rachel said...

oooh stash nice selection x

Anonymous said...

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