Monday, 25 October 2010

One wonky eye and a Moustache

Neither of which I have in real life, well, I don't think I do, but here in my self representation (it's not a self portrait as it's not very like me, at all) I do!  What's more I don't much care.  I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the page for the class and as a result keep pinching Jamie's note book in the evening a doing a few faces. Practice makes perfect, or better at least.

So having completed my first page in my medium sized moleskine, and having done one in my small molkeskin, I decided to have another go but this time in my A4 journal. 

Biggest regret here is adding the necklace but tis done now.  At least she doesn't have a moustache! By miracle of all miracles I even managed to fit the stamped journaling around the hairline without suddenly having to stop or changed what I had planned to say.

 And finally, another play, this time in my sketch pad - or should I call it my experiment pad.  A simple line drawing having a go at doing a different style of face.  I haven't been brave enough to colour her as yet.  Having said that there are a few supplies I want to get my hands on first.

This week it's an altered book, with transfers and whimsey's.  I've been playing in my "experiment pad" for the drawing of the whimsey's but with it being half term it may be a few days before I get the chance to work on the book itself.


Sam said...

Both are beautiful drawings, I think I have commented on the first one on the discussion thread over at willowing and friends. Love the second page, really lovely colour combibation. Your line drawing is fab too! I am really enjoying this course and learning loads from it x

Rosie said...

You are clearly enjoying exploring your drawing Vicki - these are lovely!