Wednesday, 2 February 2011

just a look


A little while ago I signed up for “the joy of love” over on Willette Designs  It’s free and runs throughout February.  

Today’s prompt is to capture a loved one at their best or worst, and after that photo I posted the other day I’ve been desperate to take shots of my cats. As always they don’t want to do as I want them. That’s cats though I guess.  As soon as they see me coming with the camera they run towards me and the shot I had planned in my head after watching them be completely still for ten minutes, has gone out the window.  This shot is as close as I’ve been able to get to the fluffy one.  A little out of focus but I will keep trying for that illusive shot! In the meantime I need to clean “nudge” marks off the lens and de-fur the camera.


Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

Great shot!... and a camera with nudge and fur on, is a camera that is a well loved :)

Ali said...

Hah. Cats - contrary by nature! :lol:

Good luck with capturing the perfect kitty photo. :)