Monday, 5 September 2011



Another page from the journal I took away with me to mark my first experience of Florida rain. Like everything else in America it’s bigger and bolder than in the UK.  The first time I got very soggy shoes, the second time, I took them off and went barefoot, and it was lovely.

I’m not especially fond of the writing, but I sat with a pen and did it and then decided I should have done it differently.  I partly wished I’d taken some small letter stickers with me. Oh well hindsight and all that, again. Tough really, I used what I had and that was what fitted in my pencil case.


Angelnorth said...

Fun page and I think the writing looks just fine, wish mine looked as good!

Michelle said...

Thats a very pretty page, love the rain drops!

Sue said...

Your handwriting is just fine- lovely page :)

nerllybird said...

I think the writing looks great, it's a lovely page.
Helen S