Sunday, 4 September 2011

still alive…..just

Hello, hello.  Just wanted to let you know that we survived Orlando, the parks, food, heat and the most stunning thunderstorms I’ve ever witnessed.  Since we got back I’ve been silly busy with the shop…buckets full of new stock has arrived (in boxes not buckets though ‘cause that would just be silly) and I’m working hard to get it all up loaded.

Whilst away I managed to mumble into 13 pages of my journal and I will share them with you just as soon as I get round to taking pictures of them. I haven’t even viewed our holiday snaps yet! I do at least know where the camera is since unpacking….a week ago. 

Still kids are back at school this week and Rosie finally starts school – hurrah! I’ll miss her company during the day but not her trail of destruction. This means I should get chance to get crafty – once I’ve done all my jobs that is.

Popping off again now – nice to ‘see’ you all again though.  Be back soon…ish.  Promise.

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Sue said...

Hope it goes well for youngest :) I was SO pleased when mind started so I could have a little freedom back - She starts college tomorrow! Where did that time go!