Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ten minute tuesday...

Blimey, tuesday again. Already! 
I swear I never agreed to that. 

Sort and sweet this week as not a lot has really gone on here since last week. 

I've been having a short play in my art doodle love book, and completely ignoring the prompts! 
At the moment I want to develop my 'flowers' or should that be my abstract flowers, and art doodle love was close at hand. Calling to me. Maybe it's been feeling a bit abandoned. (yes I know I'm talking about it like its a living creature, but that's ok). 

I'm at the point of sketching them out with a pigma micron pen (love these babies) and my intention this week to take evenings off work and colour them in.  I might go over the outlines with a pen other than black first. Not sure yet. See what happens when I sit down to do it. 

  I had already started to doodle on this page, but it was pant so I doodled over it. As you do!

Well I've shown you mine, you gonna show me yours? 

Being brave and testing/adding out a linky....
Its an experiment as I've never used one before and there are plans afoot!
 I thoroughly expect to be a billy no mates on this, but consider the bullet bitten and a red face later. Hey ho! 


Suzy said...

Loving the flower doodles Vicki, I.need to practise more, mine are a riot! I've ordered Art, Doodle, Love and am looking forward to having a go

Suzy said...

Love your doodled flowers Vicki. Looking forward to seeing them finished. I've ordered the book and can't wait to.get my paws on it

Virginia said...

Oh they are gorgeous. loving the bright and vivid colours!