Tuesday, 11 June 2013

ten minute tuesdays

hello and welcome to ten minute tuesdays.  Nice to see you again! 

ten minute tuesdays seem to be the only posts I'm managing at the moment, but for now all decorating has stopped. At least I hope so. Problem is once you start it makes you realise how family worn your house is looking. 

This week my 6 year old daughter asked if she could do a page in my art journal with some of my 'special pencils'.  How could I resist? Well, clearly I couldn't.   I let her draw her picture then showed her how to use my 'special pencils' (inktense) and off she went.  

this page started as an owl holding a heart shaped balloon.

when I came back it was raining and someone was trying to stop the owl from blowing away! 

Too cute! 

then she wanted to so another page.... full of hearts...

I love that these pages now pop up in my art journal. I'm sure there will be more at some point... 

Thanks for joining me today.  Do share what you've been up to! 


Suzy said...

Vicki these pages are just too cute, and how lovely to have them in your art journal, I particularly like the owl one and how clever to have someone holding on to him so that he doesnt blow away

Here is my wee effort for the week


MiniOwner said...

Aww these pages are so precious!
Sue x

Virginia said...

Gorgeous and precious precious pages!

scrappyjen said...

perfect and so special! I love it, jenx

Paula Whittaker said...

aaww bless - it's lovely that she wants to share in your passion for creating.

sue jones said...