Wednesday, 31 July 2013

ten minute tuesday with a WOYWW twist..

hello, welcome. Sorry about being missing recently.

Where to start… “ahhhh” seems like a good place right now.

Having the kids at home is having a bigger knock on effect this year than last.

Last year, they played quietly. This year they have to be constantly reminded of what indoor voices sound like.

Last year they got on. This year they argue, scream and shout at each other over the smallest things.

Last year I could work happily with them in the background. This year it’s proving to be very stressful.

How many weeks until the schools are open again? We really should have summer camps like they do in the States. I know I’m a slight workaholic. You have to be when you work for yourself. I know I add self induced pressure to the mix. I know I am overdue a nice long break. Right now a Pimms will do!  Oh well, The Better Half finishes up on Friday for the rest of the summer and the full on family fun starts in earnest. Warnings have gone on the shop, just need to add holiday dates as well. (you can still order, but I won’t be popping back to pack them).

Right – creatively I’m been working on secret squirrel projects. Stuff I’d love to share, but can’t.


This is my desk pad. It’s been used for a wee bit of brainstorming. The rest of my desk is full of ink pads and stamps, invoices, pre-orders and stock lists.  I’m not sharing that as it looks like a fax machine has puked up on it. I kid you not, paper mountain, avalanche danger to all who enter. I have three weeks left before we head off on our jollies and I’m wondering how I’ll get it all done. I will though, because I have to. The Better Half will be here to ease the pain and allow me to get on with what needs to be got on with.

Just going to leave you with this picture, taken on my phone before the clouds wondered on. I love the crisp white edge to the clouds… a silver lining perhaps. A good omen.

480505_10151814220573384_1810375732_n (1)

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Suzy said...

Hi Vicki - oh how I miss those long school summer holidays with kiddies about - NOT!! lol Im so glad mine are now 19 and 22 and past all that - mind you they still disagree loudly on a frequent basis.

Looking forward to seeing what you have managed to get up too - the sneaky peak of your desk pad looks intruiging

Heres my Ten Minute Tuesday - just a start to my intentions page in my Art Doodle Love - I am becoming addicted to my coloursoft pencils