Tuesday, 9 July 2013

ten minute tuesdays…

hello, and a very late welcome.

Isn’t it sooo good to have the sun out, for more than an hour. Not that I’m much of a sun worshipper….


that’s me… legs out, hiding in the shade of the tree’s on the school playing field waiting for my youngest to be released to me.

It’s a prep week this week. My little boy is growing up and I have a birthday cake to create! He doesn’t know it yet, but so far I’ve purchased a bigger tin to bake it in and this little lot..


All the colours of the rainbow! This time next week I’m sure I’ll be in baking hell.  Next on the list is a cake tin and base big enough to store it.

I’m also working on this weekends flash sale as part of our store’s birthday celebrations. 2 years old. Amazing. If you’re a scrapper, you’re gonna love the next one, but you’ll have to wait until Friday to find out what it is!

It’s the last week of term here next week so there won’t be a ten minute tuesday post from me. With birthdays, end of term Church services, parties, school disco’s and whatnot I won’t have time to do anything other than curse while decorating this cake.  I’ll try and remember to take photo’s if the cake works out and share that with you next time.

As always, thanks for stopping by!



Suzy said...

I'm sure the cake will be fab. I well remember staying up till very late making all sorts ofbfancy cakes for my two, always well appreciated though.

Hope next week isnt too hectic for you and you get some playtime over the hols.

Suzy x
Ps loving your skirt, those leaves look like fab doodles

Virginia said...

Can't wait to see the cake the icings all look amazing!