Tuesday, 29 October 2013

ten minute tuesday…

well, here we are again, half term. It makes me feel a little crazy but it only seems two minutes since the kids went back to school after the summer break. I seriously hope that we don’t fast forward quite as quickly to Christmas. 

Yesterday I snatched ten minutes in my art journal.  I had some Montana Acrylic Markers sitting on my desk so did some journal spilling and had a quick doodle over the top.  Also on my desk was a roll of Glitz washi tape so I added some of that. Why not eh?! The colours cheered me up as I’m currently drowning in paperwork. I’ve also been doing some secret squirrel work again so I wanted to create a quick page that was nothing like what I’ve been working on.



I even started a second page, but at the moment it looks like someone has puked yellow paint all over it so it may need more working on before it’s shared. If at all.


That’s it from me today.  Fingers crossed I may get something else done but for now I need to persuade, in my best Mum tone, that it’s about time PJ’s weren’t ruling the day.  Tin hat on… I’m going in!


Paula Whittaker said...

just love the mix of colours.

Suzy said...

Im just loving all the colours in your doodling Vicki.

I forgot to publish mine yesterday but remembered this morning