Tuesday, 3 December 2013

ten minute tuesday…

hello and welcome to you.

How’s the Christmas preparations going then?  Mine…erm, well the kids have presents and if they can get their rooms tidy between now and then, they may even get them. Couple of family presents have been tucked away but I have yet to start on hubby’s presents. What am I doing instead…. having a crafty clear out! Yay. 

clear out

This is the first fat cropper hopper that hit the recycling bin.  I had three like this in the end, and another one stuffed full of papers to move to new homes.  Some of which have already been re-homed. It’s not that I want to get rid of any of them, but I have to be honest about how much scrapping I’ve done the last couple of years, and how much space it all takes up that I want back.  Well, a girl needs to store her project life goodies somewhere…

In amongst all the clearing out I’ve found stuff I had forgotten I’d got. Inevitable really. I’ve chopped some up to make some project life style cards. I’ve been sat in front of the TV with my trimmer and corner punch.

PL 1

Yesterday I spent some time clearing out my mountain of embellishment boxes, swapped some trays around and made myself a box full of goodies ready to grab when working on my albums.

PL 2

The tray isn’t full yet, and there is a second one underneath so fill up with more “stuff” but I love my sequin corner. I’ve gathered up all the tubes I have.

PL 3 

I have also taken over half the dining room table as I have been working on my project life albums.  I’m mainly working on August at the moment.

PL 5

One of our trips was to Buckingham Palace, where you are not allowed to take photo’s inside, but I did, after some searching, find a pack of postcards in the gift shop.  Now chopped up and inserted into the pockets of my pages.


A quick pop to Edinburgh of the day where Instagram featured quite a bit so I’ve used those photo’s for this page.


Next to work on is our trip to Crete. This is as far as I have got as I don’t have any photo’s printed off as yet.  But, I sat at the table with the kids while they were having dinner and made my small title card for the page. A perfect 10 minutes of creativity.   I keep popping back to the pages. I’m even working on last week.  Photo’s courtesy of the Polaroid camera my lovely hubby got me for my birthday. Best part is you can print from an SD card (not tried it yet, but I have high hopes!)


So, wow, looks like a productive flash back of ten minute pops.  Shame I have the best part of a year to catch up on! LOL.


Ophelia said...

Love this!!

Laura said...

If you have a children's hospice near you they would probably love the off cuts of card. I donated loads during my clear out earlier this year and they were super pleased and in a way it made it easier to get rid of as I knew it was going somewhere nice!

Virginia said...

Oh you're having a sort out - fabulous stuff! I've just closed the doors on mine!

Suzy said...

It feels so much better whenhttp://suzycad.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/ten-minute-tuesday.html?m=1 have a clear out and get caught up on outstanding projects.

Here's my contribution this week

pam thorburn said...

So impressed with your sorting. I so need to do this. I love the idea of the PL cards-must do that as well!