Wednesday, 25 March 2009

365 #83

A little late, but here, my photo for yesterday. I had several deliveries yesterday, including some ribbon storage. As a result I spent ours going through my desk, drawers and bags gathering up all the ribbon I have in my stash. Oh boy - there is a lot of it! I rarely use ribbon for anything other than wrapping presents up, I like ribbon on layouts, I just can't remember what I have and can't be bothered to sort through it all. Bring forth the ribbon storage. Now its all hanging up on a four inch book ring in sight so I know what I have.


deb said...

Brilliant idea - I have too many ribbons as well, but don't use them enough - where did you get the storage from?

Karen said...

Great idea - I'm a ribbon lover too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! Could you blog a bit more about the ribbon storage system? I'm getting very desperate. What kind is it and where did you find it? How is used in your craft room... as in where do you put it? Great stuff.