Sunday, 8 March 2009

365 has a new camera!

On Friday I treated myself, not to a nice fluffy cake, or a box of posh chocolates, but to a Canon EOS 450D! I have never seen so many buttons on a camera. Having charged the battery, found the on switch and taken the lens cap off, I present to you my 365 Photo's for days 65 to 67.

#65 - Horus, my tom cat and willing model for a while at least.
#66 - "Dotty Massager", a freebie from Ruddington Park Hotel. Not that I got a posh night away, this is down to Chris and an overnight stay with work.

#67 - the sky late afternoon. We had rain that within minutes turned into a snow shower this afternoon and this was our sky an hour later.


joanold said...

A new camera. How wonderful. It takes lovely, sharp photos.

Coffeedoff said...

Lovely photo of the clouds.