Sunday, 29 March 2009

365 #87

In between all the rain and wind and dropping the kids off for the weekend, we managed to pop into York. I love York, and feel very lucky to live so close to it. My photo of the day then is of one of the three bridges in the centre that span the River Ouse. This is the Skeldergate Bridge, built in 1878 -1880 and until 1914 was a toll bridge.

If you ever visit York and park on St Georges car park you can walk under part of this wonderful bridge to get into town, rather than take your life in your hands getting across the very busy road.

Below are some of the tree's that line the bank of the Ouse just by the bridge. You'll notice the lack of grass, all down to the numerous times the river breaks it's banks over the winter (and has to be said the summer!)

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Coffeedoff said...

Lovely photos. I like York too, only been there a couple of times though.