Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I've been playing catch up with my JYC, so better late than never here is day 11.

We have two Christmas trees. One is mine and the other is Chris'. We moved house in 2007 and our new house meant we had enough room to put up both trees. Mine takes over the living room and Chris' elegantly stands in the family room.

Each year I shop for new baubles to hang on my tree, but last year I had a whole tree to shop for as we now had both up. This tree has white decorations with a splash of silver, whereas my tree is a hotch potch of styles and colours. It's full of things that caught my eye and I can remember where I got most of them.

This year I'm not shopping for baubles as we have our new addition. A wooden snowman decorated by Jamie when he was at nursery last week.

So, a tale of our Christmas tree's is the focus of today's page, with photo's of some of my favourite baubles.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful page!

Claireliz said...

All such beautiful pages, Gorgeous colours.