Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Traditions, old & new.

When Chris and I got together we each had our own traditions. For me it was waiting until the Sunday before Christmas, even if that's Christmas Eve, to put up the tree.

For Chris it's spreading out the presents. That's not to say we lay them all out on the floor, but rather we exchange small presents on Christmas Eve and then save a main present for Christmas afternoon. The latter is opened after lunch when everything has been cleared away. Traditionally the time when in my childhood home the TV came on. With us, its more presents.
All these little traditions that we each have make our Christmas unique, and I love them all.

My journaling for this page is all on the back of the star, held in place by two photo turns. I wonder what new traditions we'll start this year to share next year.


voodoo vixen said...

Its great to blend traditions and create your own unique Christmas. Lovely pages for your journal!

jay670120 said...

love this page ,must blog my pages at some point !!!

Elizabeth said...

Love this layout - and I like your blending of traditions. That is just what Christmas is all about.

Beautiful colours - I am impressed.

Julie said...

Beautiful page - just love it.

Alix said...

we're going through this at the moment as its our first time hosting christmas...its cool to mix and match the traditions..and even bette to journal it! :)

Jenny said...

Love your pages - they're beautiful x