Monday, 7 September 2009

Seven random facts

It feels like a very long time since I last blogged. I'm on a mission at the moment, firstly to spend less time on the tinterweb...not easy when there are so many wonderful blogs to read. And secondly, I'm also on a bid to become more organised so that when Jamie starts school this week and Rosie is in nursery I can have guilt free time to craft, or just sit with my feet up and read blogs.
The layout above was one I did at my local crop on Saturday. I've probably mentioned before that I've decided it's about time I appeared in my scrapbooks. Having not had kids until my mid/late thirties I have visions of any Grandchildren not having a clue who I am as I will have long since passed away, that's assuming my two, firstly have children and secondly, leave it until the age I did.
So, back to the layout, "Seven Random Facts" and they are:
  • there is a tidy person bursting to get out of me
  • i have my nose pierced
  • never suggest I wear pink if you value your life
  • i love the autumn. It brings woolly tights and long boots to me
  • i can't resist red shoes
  • i'm a qualified reflexologist who hates feet
  • i have never had short hair and probably never will

That's it from me for now. I hope to be back soonish with my LSNED pages, or at least a post to say what I have learnt so far.

Thanks for stopping by!


Emilie said...

This a gorgeous LO! Love how you used the kit!

Julia Dunnit said...

Great LO. Am v impressed that you are scrapping yourself. Am totally sure that pink would suit you - a really funky bright one. Yeah, I'm brave enough!!!!!!!

Angie said...

This is a wonderful LO the list ...and thats a great photo. I know what you mean about not scrapping yourself ... not sure I have ... as I hate my photos.

Sarah xx said...

Oh Vicki - this is fabby! Love the colours and all the little embellies. I would never have thought you had a pierced nose - brilliant! xxx

Tracie said...

Love this LO - especially all the little details - so much to look at and enjoy!

deb said...

Hi Vicki - glad to see you are keeping to less internet time - I am failing miserably!! I love your layout - its nice to see that you have used this fab photo of you and I love your journalling. I also hate having my photo taken - but I really want future generations to know who created these fab scrapbooks!

Darcy said...

wow I like your facts, I share all of them except the last 2. a girl can never have enough pairs of red shoes.x

Sarah said...

This is such a beautiful LO.
I to am like you, never scrap anything about myself - always other people.
Maybe i should, but then i hate my photo being taken!

Well done

lisa said...

It's so hard to resist all those lovely blogs isn't it, but I know what you mean about needing more craft time. I love your LO. You're so brave to do yourself, I find that really hard. Those facts are great, they're sure to bring a smile in the future.


Mole said...

Your list made me chuckle. There's a lot of foot stuff in there ... wonder what a psychologist would make of it all!?

Biskit said...

Now I'm thinking i should do a LO about my own feet.... what would a psychologist make of that one! On second thought - i don't want to know the answer..LOL.