Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Planning Christmas...

I'll say the "C" word out loud. I'm not proud!! Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping, I have (in my mind) planned out my Christmas cards for this year so that I know what I'm making. I'm keeping simple, a bit of embossing and matting. Just got to get the supplies.

I also have started collecting my supplies for Shimelles Journal Your Christmas class this year. Oohh drool.... some lurvely American Crafts Merrymint. This little selection arrived the other day and it's now in a box marked JYC 2009. I have my album already - American Crafts D-ring 6x12. I did 8.5 x 11 last year, fancied the challenge of a different format and as I've never scrapped 6x12 before I thought why not?!

In addition to getting some JYC supplies together I've also booked tickets to see Humpty Dumpty at York Theatre Royal.

"Humpty sat on a wall then had a fall.

Not much of a plot even by Kaler’s standards - or is it? Let the team that brought you the acclaimed Dick Turpin stretch your imagination to Herculean proportions with a brand new hilarious version of this classic nursery rhyme.

Will the orphaned Humpty find a mother?
Can he protect the tiny Kingdom of Pantoloon from the evil Eggula?
What happens when our Panto Heroes are forced to venture into the real world?
Book now for the panto event The Sunday Times consistently rates one of the top five attractions to see anywhere in the UK during the winter season. "
Sounds good! Well, we think so anyway and judging by the number of tickets sold already, we're not the only ones.
I think that's enough of Christmas for now, especially as it's beautiful and sunny outside. Makes it feel wrong to talk about it.


Julia Dunnit said...

Yeah, but the wrong-er it is, the better it feels!!!!!!
You are organised, impressively so..even a box all marked up and ready. Wow.

Sarah xx said...

There is a little something for you on my blog!!


Linda Elbourne said...

I am impressed by your planning ... Happy Christmas X
I am thinking of doing JYC this year ... but I never keep up ... so I may change my mind :0)

Clair said...

I can't believe that you're getting your supplies together already. That really is forward planning!

rebekah22 said...

You are very organised! Argh, it's going to be here so soon isn't it?! x

deb said...

Ahh Christmas - now my children are grown up - I don't tend to take many Christmas photos - so have quite a lot of christmas stash that I need to use up really. hope the children enjoy the panto - sounds as if it will be fun.