Tuesday, 14 July 2009

365 #195

I've decided that I want to do a LO so i went back through the SLYMI themes and found week 23: Self portrait. So, this is the photo I intend to use. I spent ten minutes taking shots of myself at arms length and am fairly pleased with this one. And ahhh...now you know what I look like if you haven't done one of CJ's courses that I've been on. I hadn't realised just how many freckles I have but for all my faults this is me, almost au natural (touch of lippy and mascara).


Coffeedoff said...

You are much braver than me, I havn't got a photo on here yet!

Carmen said...

This is such a great shot - usually you can tell when it's an arms length shot but you really can't with this one. It looks like you've been caught without knowing if you know what I mean. Lovely picture.

deb said...

Ahh Vicki - its lovely to see what you look like at long last! Hope we will see you in lots more photos now that you have taken the plunge. What a great self portrait - a very clever way of shooting it.