Tuesday, 28 July 2009

365 #202 - 204

I have an apology to make as I have once again not been posting. Mainly down to the fact that I have been leaving my camera in the car whilst we were on a number of days out last week, mainly due to the weather. Also not helped by the fact that I snapped my only SDHC card....aarrrgh! Had to go back to my old SD card which isn't really great in my 450D.

Anyhoo, a quick catch up for the last few days, photo's taken after the event, but to serve as reminders for me as to the events of those few days.

365 #202

On Wednesday we visited The Forbidden Corner. An amazing place where we spent three hours and still didn't find everything that there is to find. It's like a huge maze with lots of follies. The weather wasn't too bad and it wasn't a pushchair friendly place (no matter what they say - it isn't), it was also a pain to carry anything with you, so everything went back to the car, camera included but I did managed to get a shot of Jamie on a big wooden hog before doing so.

365 #203

Dinosaurs! All I can say is WOW!!!! On Thursday we went to see the Walking with Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular. If you've thought you might like to go - GO! It was worth it. Again I didn't take the camera (no flash photography allowed) so here are our tickets as proof we went. Rosie and Jamie were glued to it. Jamie was sat on the edge of his seat throughout.

365 #204

New SDHC cards - 4gb and on offer at PCWorld for £6.99, so I had two. Now I have a spare that will store more than 100 photo's, and cope with multi shooting! Hurrah!
That's it for now. Hopefully I'll be back later with some crafting, but for now I've promised Jamie I'll sit with them for movie afternoon. We have popcorn!
Thanks, as always, for looking!

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Karen said...

Lovely photos. I clicked on the link to The Forbidden Corner - looks an interesting place. Lucky you going to Walking with Dinosaurs too.