Friday, 17 July 2009

365 #198

Rosie and I have been out shopping this morning and I have firmly introduced her on how to shoe shop. I went for three pairs. Now, I wasn't going shoe shopping - it just happened, as it does. I was going for balloons, which I got along with a canister of helium.
This pair (oh how I lurve them......) I came home with, with a second (different) pair are on order to collect next week. Oh and we're off to Sheffield to see the BBC Walking With Dinosaurs show next week so I may have to see if I can pick up the third pair that they didn't have in my size or in stock at the warehouse while we're over there.


deb said...

I don't particularly like shoe shopping - my huge size 8's look awful in everything - but even I can appreciate how beautiful these lovely red shoes are. Love the way you shot this one.

Linda said...

oh they are gorgeous shoes! Where d'you get them from?

Carmen said...

I have to agree with Deb. Being a huuuuge size 9 They never have yummy shoes in my size and if they do I just look like I'm in drag.

These are truly yummy shoes you lucky girl :P