Tuesday, 28 July 2009

365 #208

Useless memory that I have, I forgot it was Tuesday, so here is my photo for yesterday. Mondays has become weigh in day. I'm not so much as on a diet, more cutting out the snacks. To help me cut out the snacks, I have this, my money jar. For each pound I lose I put a £1 in the jar. In three weeks I have saved up £7.50. A nice steady amount. Chris has now decided to join me, not in losing weight, but running. For each pound I lose, he has to do a run. His incentive, if he doesn't do as many runs as I lose pounds he has to cough up the cash and pop it in my jar. So, if I lose 2lbs, he has to do 2 runs, or add £2.00 to my jar. Guess he'll be running then...LOL.


Angie said...

Congratulations on weight loss ...I keep trying and then after about 3 weeks I cave in. lol

Karen said...

Nice photo and great to know the story behind it. :0)