Wednesday, 29 July 2009

365 #210

The house has been quiet this morning as Jamie stayed in bed. At half past nine I started to get worried that he was ill so went in to his room. Nope, not ill, asleep! The conversation went something like this....

"Jamie - are you OK?"


"Did you stay up late reading?"

"No, and I didn't get out of bed to play with my dinosaurs either.."

So, there is my answer as to why he was still asleep at half nine this morning. Dinosaur play! I left him in bed and the kitchen clock shows the time he decided to grace us with his presence. Still at least he's not ill...just hope bedtime goes OK tonight now.


deb said...

this is a good idea for a photo - love the story. Juat wait until he is as old as my boys and the clock will show getting up tme as PM not AM!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh bless him, how funny!

Mole said...

LOL @ Jamie! I presume when he says he hasn't done something, this is a clue that in fact, he most definitely has!

Sarah said...

So lucky - a quiet morning (lol)
My son is the same, loves his dinosaurs to bits.

Karen said...

Oh to have children that sleep in late. My eldest has got it mastered (11.30am today!) but the youngest two ........ that's a different story.