Tuesday, 21 July 2009

365 #201

I admit I have a weakness for shoes and handbags, isn't that part of being a woman though. Outside of that I am not very girlie at all. Monday saw a shopping trip to get Jamie a new rain coat from the local McArthur Glen outlet,and I came back with a handbag! Not my fault - a Tula factory shop has opened and I have been looking for a bigger bag as Rosie is slowly but very surely giving up the pushchair. I need somewhere to carry those drinks and spare bits that come with kids. I should add that it was better than half price and Jamie did also get a rain coat.


deb said...

You gave a very good argument why you needed a new handbag. I fell for it - hope your hubby does as well! Lovely photo again.

allyf said...

fab LO - love the chipboard speech bubbles.

Linda said...

Nice bag!